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The top three customer benefits for Skype for Business Unified Communications solutions

Skype for Business has been transforming the way organizations communicate and collaborate both locally and globally. With its Unified Communications (UC) capabilities, teams have been able to work more efficiently, utilize resources effectively, and ultimately drive growth within their businesses. In this blog post, we explore three major benefits for businesses utilizing Skype for Business Unified Communications solutions.

1. Enhanced Collaboration and Productivity

One of the primary advantages of integrating Skype for Business into your organization is the improvement in collaboration and productivity among team members. The platform hosts various features such as instant messaging (IM), voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) calls, video conferencing, screen sharing, and webinars – all on one platform.

By incorporating these tools within your business processes, employees can now effectively communicate with each other without time-consuming emails or physical meetings. This constant flow of communication ensures efficient project execution and timely decision-making processes.

Additionally, Skype for Business UC solutions provide seamless integration with other Office 365 applications like Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, and PowerPoint. This enables employees to access relevant documents or meeting materials during video conferences without interrupting the session.

2. Cost-Efficient Communication Solutions

Incurring heavy expenses on diverse communication tools can be a financial burden for organizations of any size. Through its UC offerings, Skype for Business provides a unified platform that eliminates the need for multiple costly subscriptions to different communication services.

The platform offers long-distance call savings by providing low-cost domestic and international call rates through VoIP services. Businesses with branches across geographical locations can effectively communicate without worrying about hefty international call rates.

Moreover, with the option to host webinars and video conferences involving large groups at once, businesses can save on travel expenses they might endure arranging physical meetings or conferences.

3. Robust Security Features

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, ensuring that your organization’s communications remain confidential and secure is crucial. Skype for Business UC solutions come equipped with robust security measures providing businesses peace of mind regarding their data privacy.

The platform is underpinned by a secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption which encrypts all instant messages, VoIP calls, files shared during sessions, and even archived records of past conversations—preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Skype for Business also allows administrators to control access settings like disabling external file transfers or preventing certain users from participating in group chats which helps maintain confidentiality within their organization network.

Adopting Skype for Business Unified Communications could be a game-changer for your organization’s communication requirements. With enhanced collaboration features, cost-effective solutions and robust security measures in place – there is no reason not to integrate this extensive platform within your business processes.

By leveraging these benefits to improve internal communications and optimize collaborative efforts in real-time you are facilitating productivity that will inevitably lead to realizing your organization’s goals faster than ever before!

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