Nuvias blog Uncategorized DCB presents an expanded portfolio at Infosecurity Belgium following its acquisition by Nuvias

DCB presents an expanded portfolio at Infosecurity Belgium following its acquisition by Nuvias

DCB (Data Communications by Belgium), a leading provider of data communication solutions, has recently announced an expansion of its portfolio after being acquired by Nuvias, the rapidly growing value-added distributor. This exciting development allows DCB to showcase a broader range of innovative cybersecurity and IT networking solutions at the highly anticipated Infosecurity Belgium event. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits brought forth by this acquisition and what attendees can expect from DCB’s presence at the upcoming event.

The Impact of the Nuvias Acquisition:

Nuvias, with its strong European presence and expertise in high-growth technologies, perfectly complements DCB’s existing operations in Belgium. The acquisition allows DCB to benefit from Nuvias’ extensive portfolio and resources, thereby providing its partners with even more innovative solutions addressing today’s technology challenges. This partnership aligns with both companies’ visions of delivering top-tier data communications services and will bolster their technological prowess to stay ahead in this competitive market.

A More Robust Portfolio:

At the Infosecurity Belgium event, DCB will present its expanded range of intelligent data communication solutions. Fueled by Nuvias’ proven expertise in cybersecurity, advanced networking, unified communications, and cloud services, DCB’s enhanced portfolio is set to deliver comprehensive industry-leading technology solutions to its partners.

Some highlights from the expanded product offering include:

1. Cybersecurity: Attendees can expect advanced cybersecurity tools such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), next-generation firewalls, endpoint security, and vulnerability management systems.

2. Networking: The partnership between DCB and Nuvias brings best-in-class networking products that cater to the latest wired and wireless network demands with emerging technologies such as SD-WAN and MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing).

3. Unified Communications: As remote working becomes increasingly popular, there is a growing need for fully integrated communication platforms. DCB now offers a full suite of unified communication tools including VoIP phone systems, video conferencing solutions, team collaboration tools, and more.

4. Cloud Services: By leveraging innovative cloud technologies through Nuvias’ portfolio, DCB partners can now take advantage of scalable software-defined infrastructure, cloud-hosted applications, public and private cloud services to streamline their business operations.

In addition to these advancements in their core offerings, DCB will also demonstrate their commitment to outstanding customer support informed by Nuvias’ best practices for technical assistance and managed services.

Infosecurity Belgium – A Valuable Opportunity:

Infosecurity Belgium is renowned as the go-to platform for professionals from various industries to learn about cutting-edge technology trends while networking with other experts in Europe’s digital landscape. This year’s event promises a rich array of seminars, workshops, live demonstrations and interactive sessions catering to innovative cyber security strategies.

With an expanded product stack backed by exceptional customer service thanks to its alliance with Nuvias, DCB is poised to hold a more prominent role at Infosecurity Belgium 2021. Visit them at their stand during the event to explore how these advancements can elevate your business processes and protect your organization against ever-evolving threats in the digital realm.

The recent acquisition of DCB by Nuvias synergistically merges their compelling aspects into a united front for data communication solutions providers in Belgium – just like peanut butter meets jelly! Through participation in prominent events like Infosecurity Belgium 2021 alongside showcasing their newly-expanded offerings featuring robust enterprise-level products bolstered by excellent customer experience initiatives from both companies’ stables; partners have much-acclaimed value-added benefits worth exploring.

Nurturing this collaborative partnership further not only paves way for unparalleled growth opportunities but also enables both parties to seamlessly leverage each other’s strongholds; ultimately reaping mutual rewards on an ongoing basis as market leaders amidst today’s volatile technology ecosystems.

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