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Double win for Nuvias at the Network Computing Awards

Nuvias Group, a leading provider of IT services and solutions, is celebrating a significant milestone, having taken home two prestigious awards from the Network Computing Awards ceremony held on 17th June 2021. The company’s outstanding performance and commitment to excellence were recognized in the categories of “Distributor of the Year” and “International Project of the Year”, reflecting their growth and dedication to customer satisfaction.


Network Computing Awards is an esteemed annual event that recognizes innovation and achievement within the IT and networking industries. By acknowledging companies and individuals for their hard work and successful developments, these awards are an opportunity for professionals in this field to celebrate achievements and network with like-minded individuals.

After being shortlisted for four categories, Nuvias Group emerged as a winner in two major categories, showcasing their strength and expertise in delivering IT services beyond borders.

Distributor of the Year

Winning this prestigious title reinforces Nuvias Group’s position as a trusted, high-value distribution partner while demonstrating their commitment to delivering value-add services that empower businesses to tackle complex IT challenges effectively. This award is presented to companies that have exhibited outstanding performance across various criteria, encompassing marketing & sales support, customer service, technical support, order fulfillment accuracy & speed, as well as business development initiatives.

Over the years, Nuvias Group has been investing strategically in its teams and partnerships with vendors like Juniper Networks and Fortinet, enabling them to drive successful projects implemented globally. With their extensive portfolio of products and services coupled with a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, it is no wonder they have topped the competition to earn this accolade.

International Project of the Year

Being awarded “International Project of the Year” is a testament to Nuvias Group’s prowess in executing projects with strong collaboration capabilities across international borders. The winning project involved rolling out data center infrastructure for a prominent financial institution spanning multiple countries in Africa. The success of this project lies not just in its complexity but also in Nuvias’ ability to work effectively across multiple time zones while maintaining robust oversight in multiple languages – a true reflection of their global identity.

The double win at the Network Computing Awards cements Nuvias Group’s reputation as an industry leader that goes above and beyond expectations when it comes to offering outstanding service. This recognition demonstrates Nuvias’ attention to detail, innovative approach, agility, and unmatched dedication towards customer satisfaction – qualities that set them apart from other competitors within the IT sphere.

Nuvias Group’s strides reflect its exemplary commitment to reliable delivery mechanisms designed to ensure ongoing collaboration opportunities with current clients as well as encouraging new partnerships. This success is underpinned by the company’s leadership team which continues to challenge limits fostering innovation.

As we offer our congratulations to Nuvias Group on these incredible achievements at the Network Computing Awards ceremony, we eagerly await seeing what their future holds. As they continue to evolve holistically yet sustainably, it will be exciting to watch them redefine benchmarks within the IT industry.

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